Gain momentum
Gain the precious ability to keep increasing developing or simply being better

When it comes to advertising, being in the right place at the right time is everything.

It might be considered luck. It sometimes is. But more than that, it is the right preparation, experience and dedication.

We will give you all that. We will make sure your momentum will break all limits.

We do


Talk to your customers directly at the point of purchase. Give them an irresistible offer and increase your sales immediately.

e.g. Product launch, Sampling, Consumer competitions (on trade & off trade), Loyalty programme, Facebook App, Trade promotion, Motivation programmes.


Unique one-shot event, the best occasion to introduce your products. Event brings experience and strengthens the relationship to your brand.

e.g. Animation promo, Festivals, Conferences, Road-show, Ambient marketing.


Make sure that your product is visible at the point of purchase. Who is visible, will always sell more.

e.g. POS materials, Special displays (pallet decorations), Stands, Shelves, Shop-in-shop, Brand stores, Show rooms.

MKTG Logistics

We will deliver your advertising materials and install them anywhere and anytime. A team of professionals will guarantee that your brand will be at the right place in the right time.

e.g. Distribution of advertising materials into shops, leaflet distribution, installation of POS materials, stands, shelves, shop windows or special installations in the cities.

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Our team is ready to provide professional services for your business.

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Project Manager